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Green Logistics
Sustainable Strategies in Transport


The advantages of our end-to-end online forwarding go beyond cost savings and optimized part load management. CO₂ emissions can be reduced by making transport routes much more efficient and therefore shorter, and by avoiding empty truck runs. Sustainability is important to us at Yolda. As a young company, we want to use our opportunities to help shape the future of the transport industry. As a service provider, it is therefore important to us to better meet your sustainability goals in the logistics sector. green-logistics-2

What is green logistics?

Green logistics is a concept in the logistics industry that aims to make the transport of goods more environmentally friendly. The following ecological aspects are taken into account:

  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Avoiding waste and pollution

Green logistics aims to minimize the environmental impact of the logistics process without compromising efficiency and economy.


Strategies and measures for green logistics management

Various measures can be used to anchor green logistics in your company: the use of environmentally friendly vehicles and packaging, the use of alternative transport options such as rail or ship or the optimization of routes and transport volumes.


Green added value through Yolda Freight Forwarder

With a sophisticated API-based system, our online platform actively supports you in implementing measures for more sustainability in logistics. In this way, empty runs can be avoided as much as possible. Did you know that around 37% of trucks in Germany drive on our roads without freight? In one year, this results in 6,776.6 billion “empty” kilometers – this is not only an unnecessary cost factor for the freight forwarders, but also a burden on the environment.

Yolda’s smart, digital technology can solve this problem:

  • Through the efficient planning of part loads, we help you as a freight forwarder or carrier to make optimal use of your transport capacities.
  • Avoiding empty runs reduces CO₂ emissions and makes an active contribution to climate protection.


Track your CO₂ emissions in logistics with Yolda!

With our emissions function, you can efficiently monitor the CO₂ emissions caused by your transport activities – all at a glance!

Via the Yolda Dashboard, you always have an overview of the CO₂ footprint of your transports. On our “Green Center” page, you can also access weekly and monthly reports on your carbon footprint. You can conveniently download your reports as PDFs. Keep an eye on your monthly carbon footprint with Yolda and manage your carbon footprint in your logistics processes!

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For us, costs, speed and climate neutrality belong together. Find the ideal logistics strategy together with Yolda to stay on schedule and reduce emissions at the same time.


Climate protection is important to all of us. Our platform supports you in making your transports CO2-neutral quickly and easily and in tracking the development of your offsets.

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Use data to reduce your emissions


Recording your emissions is the first step to reducing them. Yolda's free CO2 emissions calculator supports you in implementing your sustainability.

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