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Full Truck Load: Guaranteed capacity even for your last-minute shipments

With Yolda's intelligent logistics management tool, required capacities can always be booked and even short-term shipments can be sent and managed efficiently!

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Booking special trips at short notice has never been easier

Our dashboard offers you a quick and easy way to calculate freight costs. All prices are transparent with possible additional costs. Reliability comes first.

In addition, our dashboard allows you to track the transport of your shipment online and in real time.

All necessary documents such as bills of lading, delivery notes and customs documents are accessible online, can be archived or downloaded with one click.

In addition, your load is of course insured during transport in accordance with ADSp 2017. If you have any questions or problems, personal advisors are available to help you quickly and easily.

Yolda also guarantees the secure and reliable processing of your payments. With our end-to-end transport solution, you get an accurate, safe and fast way to search or book capacity.

Another advantage is that we deal directly with a network of suppliers and transport companies. This means that we take care of all the administration and make sure that you have more time for other important things! Here we benefit from a network of carefully selected partners that has been built up over the years.


How can Yolda improve your logistics chain?

Offers in Real Time

You will quickly receive fair prices for your loads from our reliable transport partners.

Precise Transport Management System

Keep track of shipments at all times and track the status in real time!

Guaranteed Transport Capacities

We ensure that your goods and goods always reach their destination safely and on time!

First Class Customer Service

Our experts are there for you to answer questions or problems.

Reliable Damage Management

Your transported goods are protected by our efficient claims handling in the event of loss or damage.

Personal Support

Your success is our greatest concern. Our customers receive dedicated contact persons, so that any concerns and questions always find a real ear!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about truckload shipping

For loads that can fill an entire truck or semi-trailer truck, FTL transport is the optimal mode of delivery in terms of price, safety and delivery time. With FTL transport, no transhipments are made, which means that other shipments cannot cause delays in departure, as is the case with LTL shipments. The products are delivered to the recipient without reloading.

We offer FTL services with 6-wheel trucks, 10-wheel trucks, articulated trucks and semi-trailers, always depending on your requirements.

FTL shipment pricing depends on several factors including cargo weight and volume, pickup method, type of packaging, time of year and pallet swapping.

The delivery time for FTL shipments is 1-2 days if the distance between pick-up and delivery point is 900km or less and 2-3 business days for longer distances. You can see the exact delivery time by creating a shipment order from the control panel.


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