We have simplified logistics for you


How Yolda.com Works

Transparent and instant pricing

Yolda.com provides instant quotes for shipping requests with its intelligent algorithm-based vehicle capacity management technology. You get an integrated logistics experience with excellent service at competitive and fixed prices for LTL and FTL shipments.

Your shipments will be picked up at your address

Your shipments will be picked up at the pickup location within a time frame of your choosing through the system with Yolda.com's assurance.
Yolda.com provides insurance coverage up to TRY 1,000,000 per vehicle. It minimizes the risk of loss and damage by minimizing handling and gets your shipment safely to the delivery point.

Track the status of your shipment

Yolda.com's control panel, equipped with end-to-end security and intelligent algorithms and running on the most secure servers, is an unrivalled operating system that combines advanced technology with logistics infrastructure expertise.
Through Yolda.com's intelligent control panel, you can track the status of your shipments and access all shipping notifications and delivery documents at any time.

Make a simple, secure, and flexible payment

You can make your payments quickly through the Control Centre by selecting the appropriate payment option when you request the shipment or after the shipment is complete and track your invoices.

Strengthen your business with advanced reporting

Yolda.com's intelligent control panel allows you to access detailed reports on your active or completed LTL/FTL shipments. By analysing logistics operations in detail, you can plan better and save time and money on your next shipments.

Cost Efficient Delivery
Delivery with flexible time and cost advantage

Standard Delivery
Delivery with a balanced ratio of delivery time and cost

Yolda.com Express
Fast delivery with Yolda.com vehicles without transhipment

Partial Shipping

Conventional LTL shipping may be complex and unpredictable. With Yolda.com’s trackable system optimized for security, you can get excellent service in LTL shipping at the best prices.

Parsiyel Taşımacılık
Komple Taşımacılık

FTL Shipping

With Yolda.com’s complete FTL shipping service, you can quickly get the capacity you need at the quality you expect.