Our Green Logistics Approach

In addition to Corporate Carbon Footprint calculation and reduction activities, Yolda.com also focuses on emissions arising from transportation operations in its Net Zero Carbon journey. These activities, called the green logistics approach, provide analyzes for complete, partial and shared road transport.

With the software module we have specially developed for these activities:

  • Carbon footprint reporting and tracking specific to each vehicle, each time,
  • Customer specific carbon footprint reporting according to the customer load rate in each vehicle,
  • Carbon footprint comparison according to conventional methods in customer-specific carbon footprint reporting and reporting the benefit from carbon footprint,
  • Periodic, customer or expedition-based carbon footprint reports of each vehicle or fleet group can be tracked.

In this way, problematic areas that need to be focused on in terms of carbon footprint will be identified, and customer-based and vehicle-based reduction recommendations will be created. Thus, Yolda.com is not limited to its own Net Zero Carbon journey with its Green Logistics approach, but also offers a sustainable supply chain, a sustainable logistics sector, and therefore a sustainable growth vision to the country and world economy with its sharing economy approach.

Carbon Footprint Activities on Yolda.com’s Net Zero Carbon Journey

As Yolda.com, we care about and measure our environmental impact resulting from our activities.

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