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Our tailor-made offer for Contract Logistics

Do you regularly send full or part loads? No problem. With our special contract logistics offer, we always offer you a suitable solution.

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Do you regularly ship full or part loads? Our experts have proven market knowledge and always keep an eye on seasonal fluctuations in shipping costs and transport capacities as well as similar developments. So you can be sure that we always offer you the best offer. For more flexibility and security in your daily business. Our colleagues will be happy to advise you personally.



API-supported Technology, Sustainability and Top Customer Service

With the help of our API-based technology, logistics data can be easily integrated into internal company processes and IT systems.

Simply get offers, choose the right option and book – all via our dashboard! Orders can be managed digitally at any time and tracked live– this way, possible complications can be quickly averted.

We try to make it as easy as possible for companies to switch to green logistics: All freight documents and necessary documents can be downloaded with one click and archived digitally.

As a customer, you will receive adedicated contact person who can promptly respond to questions and suggestions.


Your advantages at a glance

Sustainable Logistics

By avoiding empty runs, CO₂ emissions can be reduced.

Precise Transport Management System

Keep track of shipments at all times and track the status in real time!

Guaranteed Transport Capacities

We ensure that your goods and goods always reach their destination safely and on time!

First Class Customer Service

Our experts are there for you to answer questions or problems.

Personal Support

Your success is our greatest concern. Our customers receive dedicated contact persons, so that any concerns and questions always find a real ear!

Easy API Integration

Our system can be easily integrated into your existing IT system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about contract logistics

Contract logistics offers companies several advantages. By working with us on contractual basis, transport costs can be reduced because long-term contracts can be negotiated. The capacity is also guaranteed, as the parties commit to providing the required transport capacity in the long term. Faster loading and unloading can also be achieved by using the same fleet, since the transporters are already familiar with the specific requirements of the company.

No, contract logistics is not limited to a specific duration. There is neither a minimum nor a maximum duration of the contract. All contract terms are negotiable and can be agreed between the contracting parties.

Contract logistics partners can help promote sustainability in the logistics industry by using environmentally friendly modes of transport, improving energy efficiency, minimizing waste and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. By combining several loads on one route (part load traffic), empty runs can be avoided, which reduces fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. This can help reduce traffic on the roads and thus reduce traffic congestion as well. The use of less-than-truckload transport can also help reduce the cost of transportation, since the cost of transportation can be spread across multiple loads. Are you interested in our offer? Discover our tailor-made contract logistics solutions now and optimize your transport processes. Feel free to contact us!


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