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Does Yolda only offer spot shipments?

Yolda contract freight team will prepare special offers for your project. If you send the required information to info@yolda.com and indicate whether it is a project or contract service request, our dedicated team will contact you. We will inform you about many topics such as a special sales representative and cost advantages.

Can I create a shipping order without getting a quote right away?

You can create a shipping order for shipments without an instant quote by going through the system. Our operational team will provide you with an offer within an hour. Yolda will do the relevant shipping if you accept the offer.

How can I place an order with Yolda?

Create an account, enter the measurements and the route and you will quickly get a quote for the transport.

Which truck trailers can Yolda provide?

We are able to provide classic trailers such as tarpaulin, box, mega and jumbo trailers. Open trailers as well as Frigo, Coilmulde or walking floor trailers are also available to us.