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What are the advantages of FTL transport?

FTL transport is the optimal mode of delivery in terms of price, safety and delivery time for loads that can fill an entire truck or trailer. With FTL transport, no transhipments are made, which means that other shipments cannot cause delays in departure, as is the case with LTL shipments. The products are delivered to the recipient without reloading.

What factors affect FTL transport prices?

FTL shipment pricing depends on several factors including cargo weight and volume, pickup method, type of packaging, time of year and pallet swapping.

What kind of vehicles are used for the FTL services?

İhtiyacın doğrultusunda kamyonet, 6 teker kamyon, 10 teker kamyon, 40 ayak kamyon ve tır ile komple taşımacılık hizmeti veriyoruz.

What is the average delivery time for FTL shipments?

The delivery time for FTL shipments is 1-2 days if the distance between pickup and delivery point is 900km or less, and 2-3 business days for longer distances. You can see the exact delivery time by creating a shipment order from the control panel.