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How do you approve the transport order assigned to you?

1. Under the ‘Jobs’ tab, all jobs are listed as ‘Waiting’ , ‘Active’, and ‘Past’. Jobs in the “Waiting” status are those awaiting approval.

2. You can view the details of jobs in the ‘Waiting’ status by clicking on the entire row.

3. On the detail page, you must click the ‘Approve’ button at the top again to accept the transport order.

4. After approving the transport order, you will be able to download it and view other details related to the order.

5. Now you can download the transport order to your computer or phone by clicking on ‘Download PDF’.

6. You have now an ‘Active’ transport order assigned by Yolda. The job is now in the ‘Active’ status under the ‘Jobs’ tab.

7. If you want to swiftly approve the transport order, you can click the ‘Approve’ button to the right of the ‘Waiting’ job row.

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