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How do you register for the Yolda Carrier app?

1. You can access the Register screen by clicking the link below.

Register with phone number:


Register with email adress


2. You can register for Yolda with your phone number or email address. You should first choose which one you want to register with. If you want to change the registration method, you can use the ‘or use your email address’ or ‘or use your telephone number‘ links.

3. Sequentially, select the country where your company is located, confirm the user agreements, and verify your email address or phone number. This way, the first step of your registration with Yolda will be completed.

We need your personal information and company details to collaborate

4. Add your personal information, company details, and the requested documents step by step.


5. ‘Company freight insurance’ and ‘Company freight license’ are compulsory documents that you need to upload for Yolda to assign you a load. At this stage, you can skip uploading these documents, but if you skip, the Yolda Operations team will contact you to request these documents.

Almost done

You can log in to Yolda with both your phone number and email address if you wish

6. For this, in the last step, if you registered with your email address, we will ask for your phone number for communication, or if you registered with your phone number, we will ask for your email address.

If you want to save this additional contact information as the second login method, you should select ‘Yes, I want to use it’ on the Login Method selection screen. 
(If this screen did not appear, it means you will log in with a single login method you entered during registration.)

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