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Easily upload your invoices and get your payments on time

1. To view the services where you can upload the invoices for shipments and to upload invoices for these services, go to the ‘Invoices’ tab.

2. You can choose these services individually or multiple, as you wish.

3. The cost of each selected service is added to the total invoice amount you need to create on the right side. The amount of the invoice you will upload must be equal to the amount under the ‘Cost to be billed’ heading. Otherwise, your invoice will not be accepted by Yolda.

4. By clicking the ‘Upload’ button, you can upload your invoice document in PDF format or a clear and well-lit photo to the platform.5. You can add your mobile phone number and use as your alternative login method, or just as your contact number

5. After the upload process, you should check the invoice amounts and the attached invoice document for the last time. Finally, you need to click the ‘Complete’ button to confirm.

6. Your invoice is now uploaded. Your invoice will be reviewed by the Yolda teams as soon as possible, and you will receive your payment on time.

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