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Yolda's Culture

At Yolda, three things are particularly important to us: technological competence, logistics know-how and customer service. Since Yolda was founded, our brightest minds, most talented experts and biggest enthusiasts have been constantly developing our product - an online logistics platform. And since digital innovation never stands still, we are always looking for new brilliant individuals who can support us in our mission.


At Yolda, we will grow strongly together with our employees and create a culture that benefits everyone. Team spirit, modesty and ethical action will help us to achieve this goal.

Volkan Özkan & C. Murad Özsert

Our Values

Take responsibility

We cooperate, communicate and are transparent. We do what we say and say what we mean. We work with honesty and integrity. When we see a problem, we take action to solve it. We are not afraid to take responsibility.

Believe in your own work

We stand behind the ideas of Yolda. We feel responsible to our customers, carriers and teams.

Try to be the best

We believe that we can only move forward together. That's why we rely on a strong team for great success.

Communicate openly

We communicate clearly and distinctly. We listen carefully and have empathy for others.

Accept constructive feedback

We give and receive direct, constructive and respectful feedback. We're not afraid to apologize and admit our mistakes.

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Carrier Support Center Manager

18 May
Full Time

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